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AFL LED High Output Floods for Custom Applications

AFL LED High Output Floods for Custom Applications

AFL LED High Output Floods for Custom Applications

The Polaris Flood fixture from SpecGrade LED is a high output architectural flood light that can be used and custom-configured for a variety of different interior or exterior applications. The AFL LED Flood light can be used as a replacement for traditional fixtures, and the 1000W fixture is capable of generating the same or better illumination than a 2500W metal halide fixture.

Construction and Technical Features

Lighting and space designers will appreciate the many advanced features of our Polaris architectural LED AFL fixture:

  • A durable frame comprised of die-cast aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and a corrosion resistant UV-stabilized powder coated finish that comes standard in either black or white, and that is available in optional custom colors;
  • Chlorine-resistant treated gaskets that withstand high-stress environments, and custom features for high humidity or corrosive environments such as natatoriums;
  • Tempered glass lenses;
  • Our proprietary passive thermal management heat sinks that reduce LED junction temperatures to extend the life of the fixtures;
  • Low profile cross sections that allow mounting on walls with a projection of less than 20 inches, and as low as 14 inches with an optional tilt-mounting bracket;
  • Fixture weights of less than 100 pounds to facilitate safer and easier mounting.

These features combine to create a fixture that will continue to generate quality lighting for at least 50,000 hours of operations, and in many instances for up to 100,000 hours.

Polaris Advanced Optics

The versatility of our Polaris AFL LED high output floodlight is illustrated by the different proprietary optics that are available to distribute light throughout specific areas with no dark areas, shadows, or variations. These custom optics allow the fixtures to be configured in ways that maximize uniformity at the highest efficacy.

Our Polaris fixtures are available with six specific optic configurations:

  • 10° x 10°
  • 15° x 15°
  • 30° x 30°
  • 60° x 60°
  • 90° x 90°
  • 60° x 135°
  • 85° x 135°.

Users can further control optics and beam spread from our Polaris AFL LED Flood Light fixtures with optional glare shield accessories.

Polaris Light Quality and Durability Characteristics

SpecGrade’s Polaris fixtures deliver all of these benefits with no reduction of the lighting color or temperature benefits that LED lighting systems can provide. The fixture can be tuned, for example, to light temperatures of between 3000K and 5700K in concert with variations in delivered lumens. The fixtures come with a standard color rendering index rating of 74, and are available in ratings of 80 and 90 as well. Optional dimmers also facilitate a more robust level of control.

We also offer one of the strongest product warranties in the LED flood light industry. All of our Polaris fixtures come with a 10 year warranty on their LED boards and a 5 year warranty on their drivers. Under standard usage, you will experience lower utility costs and reduced maintenance costs with these fixtures.



Contact SpecGrade LED to Speak with a Polaris AFL Specialist

SpecGrade LED maintains our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. We have representatives and affiliates throughout North America who are available to consult with you and to answer your questions about both interior and exterior applications of our Polaris LED AFL fixtures.

For more information about these fixtures or to speak with one of our representatives, please see our website or call 888-657-2563 today.