Wireless Controls

Monitor your grow facility onsite and Remotely

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From Clarity, our Controls Partner

Powered by ClarityIoT, the Grow-Connect Controls wireless climate monitoring system includes sensors to monitor and control temperature, Humidity, CO2, PPFD, and other essential parameters. ClarityIoT integrates with industry-leading grow software and hardware vendors, providing a complete automation solution specifically designed for cultivation. Grow-Connect Controls integrates a leading-edge private LoRa wireless sensor network and includes an array of products that control, monitor, and automate every aspect of your cultivation operation. 

Real Time Data Delivered

Grow-Connect Controls delivers real-time aggregated data which boosts efficiency, saves energy, controls and maintains equipment, can track assets and inventory, and ultimately refines and transforms business models. 

The Clarity IOT cloud-based dashboard was designed with ease-of-use in mind. The dashboard displays a summary view of all the sensor data collected from your facility. Access detailed views of your data in a few clicks and compare up to the minute data with historical figures. Regulate access with custom views for different users or user groups, so that individual team members only see what they need to monitor.

This easy-to-use dashboard can be accessed from multiple devices including smartphones, browsers, and tablets. You can also export the data or collect it internally to your own database using the Web-based API.

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Spot issues before they become problems

Grow-Connect Controls is the brains of your operation. When connected to PAR sensors, Soil Probes, and Air Quality Sensors your plants can communicate with your growers better than ever before. 

Constantly monitor multiple data points across your sensors and zones. Know immediately about issues by setting alert thresholds. From the mobile app or your computer you can catch potential trouble before it causes problems in your growing environment, like micro-climates or power outages. Real-time video camera integration allows you to look in our your plants and visually confirm their status.

All data captured by the system is stored in the cloud forever which means that as the system continues to be monitored, trends can be observed and addressed as needed. With custom reports, hourly summaries, alerts and notifications delivered with the mobile app or to your computer you can be on top of your environment no matter where you are.

Control Your Environment

Control your lighting, irrigation, HVAC, and scheduling to ensure an optimal growing environment. Grow-Connect Controls incorporates several industry features for large-scale installations and remote management. The system can be configured to react and make changes to the environment based on parameters captured in the Cloud software.

Environmental systems can be controlled to optimize the temperature to control the watering cycle in an isolated area based on a soil moisture probe reporting from a specific row/lighting panel. The wireless PAR Sensor not only enables accurate measurements in varying lighting conditions it can also schedule and dim your grow lights.

Creating and maintaining the ideal environment for your specific plants is key to making your grow operation fully profitable. Reducing the energy costs of running the operation (water, lighting, heating, cooling) and automating regulatory inventory control systems (METRC) can go a long way to improving the profitability of the overall grow operation.

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Grow-Connect Controls Features


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Quality
  • Soil Moisture
  • PAR Levels
  • Plant Tracking
  • Cameras
  • Occupancy


  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Irrigation
  • Scheduling


  • Custom Reports
  • Alerts 
  • Notifications
  • Support