How the Verta’s Low Profile Allows for Condensed Stacking in Vertical Farming Operations

How the Verta's Low Profile Allows for Condensed Stacking in Vertical Farming Operations

Vertical farming operations are about to take the world by storm, and we’re ready to ride the wave. As a source of hope and innovation for food production the world over, vertical farms have made tremendous strides in the improvements of hydroponic nutrition, vegetation, lighting, and condensed stacking in vertical racks. Bloomberg commented last fall on the growing global trend in massive skyscraper vertical farming operations, thanks to innovations in automation and–you guessed it–LED grow Lighting.

At SpecGrade LED, we’ve been feverishly innovating on our advanced LED grow lights for horticulture applications for several years now. Our engineers have tackled some of the most challenging problems in the field of indoor cultivation, including heat management, fixture durability, beam uniformity, and photon efficacy. Few lights on the market can compare to the numbers the Verta and Linea lights are achieving in these areas. But we’re not done, of course.

For our friends and colleagues in the vertical farming industry, we paid special attention to create a vertical farming LED light with a low profile that allows for more condensed stacking in vertical grow racks, allowing food producers to achieve greater yields from larger crops in ever-smaller spaces.

Condensed Stacking in Vertical Grow Racks

The Verta-4 and Verta-8 LED grow lights feature a sleek 3.5 inch form factor, including the drivers, to help vertical indoor growers squeeze every inch out of their grow space. In conjunction with the 3” x 10” modular sections, the Verta series allows a grower to not only customize the length of runs but also to increase or decrease light levels by simply adding sections to each grow-bar, raising or lowering the bars with our easy adjustable cable system. Growers can also spec the system with controls or dimmable drivers.

The Verta from SpecGrade LED is a versatile and powerful LED grow light designed to stack higher in vertical carts and shelving, or daisy-chain horizontally across the grow racks. Thanks to our carefully-sculpted extruded aluminum heat sink, the Verta boasts some of the lowest operating temperatures on the market, keeping the energy cost of cooling a grow room low.

Not only can the Verta stack higher for vertical growers, but our advanced optics maintain an even spread of PPFD across all measurement points of the canopy, ensuring maximum PAR saturation and higher overall yields. This improvement in PPF measurements from increased PAR output does not come at the expense of low efficiency either. The Verta grow lights boast an impressive photon efficacy of 2.32 μmol/J, getting the most light for each watt of energy consumed.

Get Efficient LED Grow Lights for Vertical Farming

As more companies enter the field of large-scale vertical farming operations, the technology investment becomes ever more important. From reducing energy and maintenance costs to improving the results of your harvest, SpecGrade LED grow lights like the Verta-4 and Verta-8 are becoming a cornerstone of successful vertical growing facilities. Our engineering team is so proud of the achievements we’ve made in LED grow light technology, we offer the industry’s only 10 year warranty.



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