How to Maximize Your Indoor LED Cannabis Grow Lights

How to Maximize Your Indoor LED Cannabis Grow Lights

How to Maximize Your Indoor LED Cannabis Grow Lights

As cannabis cultivation continues to become more mainstream, growers are seeing the benefits of more open collaboration and sharing of information. Much of that information has centered on the benefits of using indoor LED cannabis grow lights and of how to maximize cannabis crop quality and yield with LEDs.

Indoor LED cannabis grow lights are an ideal solution for grow facilities, but the benefits of LEDs can be optimized when cultivators adopt five distinct practices.

Adjust watering to match the lower heat profile of LED cannabis grow lights.

LED lighting generates significantly less ambient heat than traditional indoor grow lighting, such as high-pressure sodium or other incandescent fixtures. Accordingly, overwatering can be a problem when a grow facility is retrofitted from traditional High Intensity Discharge fixtures to LED lighting. Water retention is greater with a lower heat load, and cultivators should use less water with LED cannabis grow lights to achieve the same or better results. Likewise, because LED lighting generates less heat, growers may need to adjust heat controls in indoor facilities to maintain proper temperatures for ideal cannabis growth. Conversely, water evaporation becomes an issue in with higher radiant HID light sources.

Match the LED Lighting Configuration to the Geometry of the Growing Space.



Manufacturers of indoor LED cannabis grow lights offer multiple configurations of fixtures for different growing facilities, including large commercial facilities, smaller specialty or hobbyist growing spaces, and vertical growing factories that may be in crowded urban environments. Cultivators should select the LED systems and fixtures that best match their facility, paying close attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations on mounting heights and the recommended number of fixtures for the total growing area.  SpecGrade can run these photometric calculations for you to determine the correct hanging height over the canopy for each of our grow lights.

Coordinate spectral output to feed cannabis plants throughout growing cycles.

Indoor LED cannabis grow lights give a cultivator unparalleled flexibility to generate light with different spectral qualities to match a cannabis plant’s needs at different stages of its growing cycle or to trick plants to achieve faster growth and quicker harvests. Fore example, a cultivator might increase LED lighting concentrations in the far-red portion of the lighting spectrum to reduce a cannabis plant’s flowering and to speed the time to harvest. Other phases of the growing cycle, such as germination, will benefit from other portions of the spectrum. SpecGrade Grow engineers have formulated what we consider to be a well-balanced grow spectrum in our indoor LED grow fixtures, offering optimal color spectrum throughout a plant’s life cycle.

Use lighting cycles that mirror natural light and the plant’s growth.

Too much lighting can be as detrimental to a cannabis plant as too little light. Like all LED lights, indoor LED cannabis grow lights can be turned on and off quickly, with virtually no warmup or phase-in time (re-striking).   As a cannabis plant goes into a vegetative stage, a cultivator might establish an 18-hour light cycle with 6 hours of darkness. That cycle can be shifted to 12 hours on and 12 off to encourage flowering. Cultivators should check the lighting needs of the cannabis plant variables in their facilities to establish the correct lighting cycles for those variables. The control mechanisms available for SpecGrade Grow lights can help cultivators streamline and even automate this process.

Consider lighting for undergrowth as well as for plant canopies.

Indoor LED cannabis grow lights provide better control over beam dispersion and saturation than more traditional lighting, but cultivators need to consider more than just overhead lighting for plant canopies. Cannabis crop yield and quality can be improved with LED lighting that is mounted laterally beneath the canopy to spread light into cannabis plant undergrowth.   


For more information on using SpecGrade’s Grow light technology to optimize your indoor cultivation facilities, please call 888-910-8250 to speak with one of our grow light technology specialists.