Indoor LED Grow Lights are Saving the Cannabis Industry Money on Energy Costs

Indoor LED Grow Lights are Saving the Cannabis Industry Money on Energy Costs

Indoor LED Grow Lights are Saving the Cannabis Industry Money on Energy Costs

As the medical and recreational Cannabis industry matures, it will face a challenge that is common to all businesses, namely, controlling or reducing costs in order to increase overall profitability. In response to that challenge, cannabis cultivators are rapidly learning that indoor LED grow lights are a major element in cost control and expense reduction.

Cannabis cultivation in indoor growing facilities is an energy-intensive process, with most of that energy being consumed by lighting and temperature control. Indoor LED grow lights give cultivators the opportunity to generate high-quality lighting with more control and ideal spectral characteristics, while having only a fraction of the energy consumption of more traditional indoor grow light systems. The energy savings and benefits of indoor LED grow lights are apparent in three distinct areas.

Indoor LED Grow Lights are Energy Efficient.

We have had the pleasure of working with several of the cannabis industry’s current and up-and-coming cultivators to optimize and retrofit their grow facilities with next generation LED Grow Lights from SpecGrade Grow. Not only do the lights out-perform all of our competitors, but the cost savings of advanced LED technology helps to substantially reduce the operating and infrastructure costs for these forward-thinking facilities. Those cost savings came from the lower electrical load from the LED fixtures themselves, and from reduced cooling costs associated with the lower physical operating temperatures of the LED fixtures. Thanks to the lower wattage of LED and SpecGrade’s proprietary passive thermal management design, energy efficiency translates directly into lower operating costs and improved profitability for our clients

 Indoor LED Grow Lights Produce Larger Crop Yields.

Cannabis cultivators have long known that their plants need light with different spectral characteristics at different phases of their growing cycles. During seed germination, for example, the plants might benefit from light that has a higher concentration of light in the lower end blue spectrum, whereas during flowering, the plants call for more light in the higher red spectrum. Cultivators can tune indoor LED grow lights to generate light with spectral characteristics that match the plants’ needs at all phases of their growing cycles. This tuning generates larger crop yields and increases profits at the same time that the indoor LED grow lights themselves are saving costs through lower energy consumption.  SpecGrade’s advanced full-spectrum grow lights include an expertly-tune spectrum designed to offer optimal photosynthetic nutrition throughout the plant’s entire life cycle.

Indoor LED Grow Lights Impose Lower Maintenance Costs on a Cannabis Cultivation Facility.

Indoor plant cultivation centers are high stress environments for electrical equipment. Heat and humidity levels can degrade electrical components, which imposes higher maintenance and repair costs onto a facility’s budget.  Next generation indoor LED grow lights, including the new LED systems that incorporate SpecGrade Grow’s Grow Light technology, resist the corrosion and degradation that are common in high-stress humid environments. SpecGrade’s Grow fixtures include die-cast aluminum frames, stainless steel hardware, tempered glass lenses, and corrosion resistant gaskets that seal the fixtures against dust and humidity, and enable them to attain an IP65 rating for performance and durability. Lower maintenance costs go directly to a growing facility’s bottom line and improve overall profitability.

SpecGrade Grow’s Indoor LED Grow Light Products with OpticPARTM Technology Optimize Cost Savings and Enhance Profitability.

SpecGrade Grow, in Columbus, Ohio, developed its OpticPARTM technology to extend its many years of designing and manufacturing industrial and commercial LED lighting systems into the indoor plant cultivation industry. Our products and technology are a perfect fit for all types and configurations of indoor growing facilities, including those that focus on cannabis cultivation.  


For more information about how SpecGrade’s Grow light technology can help your indoor cultivation facility to save money on energy costs, please call 855-785-9863 to speak with one of our grow light technology specialists.