Keep Pace with Technology Changes with Modular LED Grow Lights from SpecGrade LED

Keep Pace with Technology Changes with Modular LED Grow Lights from SpecGrade LED

LED grow lighting is an evolving technology, one that has seen many great leaps forward in recent years. For growers investing in greenhouse operations and indoor growing facilities, the cost of LED lighting must factor in the inevitable need for replacement and upgrades as the technology continues to improve.

At SpecGrade, we decided early on that it was important to build a durable grow light that would stand the test of time. Our LED fixtures offer full capacity performance up to 100,000 hours thanks to our advanced passive thermal management and robust fixture construction. That’s why we proudly offer the industry’s only 10-Year warranty on our LED grow lights.

However, a fixture as robust as ours shouldn’t need to be thrown out and replaced each time the circuit board gets a technological upgrade or a facility wants to try some alternative color spectrums. To make these upgrades and customizations as efficient as possible, both on maintenance and budget, our LED grow lights feature an innovative modular design that allows the circuit board to be easily swapped out without replacing–or even removing– the fixture.

Modular LED Grow Lights

In order to make the change-out as efficient as possible, we’ve created an easily accessed hinge in the middle of the circuit board, which can be disconnected and swung open to release the plate.  This can be pulled out, replaced with the new circuit board, and snapped back in. The hinge swings back into place, connects to the drivers, and now the modular LED grow light has a new set of diodes delivering PAR to your crops.

Modular LED Lighting Systems

Since efficacy ratings continue to improve with LED grow lighting, and creative growers are innovating new color spectrums across the horticulture industry, this modularity means huge savings to professional cultivators. With our patented easy-access design, a grower is able to simply change out the printed circuit board with a more efficient one when the time comes, effectively lowering his operating cost by increasing the micromoles per joule (umol/J), or the efficiency ratio. Additionally, if he has reason to believe his crop will produce better yields with a new spectrum, the grower can simply change out the spectrum by swapping the circuit boards.

This is just one of the ways that the engineers here at SpecGrade LED are pushing the boundaries of advanced LED grow lighting. We want you to invest in a durable, reliable product that offers as much efficiency and performance as it does Return on Investment. 

Take advantage of our innovations in passive thermal management, photo efficacy, PPFD uniformity, and convenient modularity in our LED grow lights, designed for industrial cultivation professionals all across the horticulture industry.


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