Meet the Linea : The Advanced LED Grow Light for Professional Greenhouse Growers

Meet the Linea : The Advanced LED Grow Light for Professional Greenhouse Growers

The engineers at SpecGrade LED have been hard at work for over 15 years perfecting the subtle design characteristics that have made our industrial LED lighting fixtures a staple in commercial markets around the world. These advances in LED lighting technology have been applied to the horticulture market in the form of an all-new line of LED grow lights designed for professional growers and large-scale industrial cultivation.

Meet the Linea

Our most powerful fixture, the Linea-XL is among the most sophisticated LED grow lighting instruments available on the market. Boasting a rugged die cast aluminum housing and durable powder-coated finish, we’ve carefully crafted a robust fixture capable of maintaining its lifespan in rugged growing environments.

The Linea’s lensed waterproof performance earned it an IP65 rating suitable for the wet and damp atmosphere in most greenhouses. This optical grade acrylic lens allows greenhouse operators to power wash the fixture without worrying about damaging the light engines.

Passive Thermal Management

Long ago we decided that our LED grow lights would never include on-board mechanical fans to deal with the excess heat produced by such fixtures. These bulky fans increase the size and weight of grow lights and serve as a source of potential electrical or mechanical failure. It simply wasn’t worth the risk of costly and inconvenient repairs on the part of greenhouse operators, so we went with a superior solution to thermal management.

Our proprietary LED heat sink is a superior 100% passive thermal management fixture design that includes ⅜” thick solid aluminum substrate for the highest level of heat conductivity. This uniquely-shaped fin structure combines with a discrete multi-channel flow through cooling effect to lower the LED junction temperature from end-to-end. This holistic solution to managing the heat output of high-power LED grow lights ensures maximum operational performance and increases the longevity and reliability of the fixture.

Modular Design

Much to the dismay of investors, LED lighting technology has advanced rather rapidly in recent years, which has resulted in a high rate of fixture obsolescence as entire lights are replaced for a slight increase in efficacy or spectrum performance. With grow light fixtures as robustly engineered as ours, we knew there was a better way– one with more efficiency for the growers and a better ROI for investors– all while allowing for the continued increases in technological improvement.

The Linea LED grow light is the only fixture in its class to feature our proprietary modular design, allowing growers to remove and replace only the printed circuit board without replacing the entire fixture. This allows us to continually roll out improvements on photon efficacy, custom color spectrums, and unique OpticPar beam spreads to meet the changing needs of today’s professional cultivators.

Grow Lights You Can Depend On

With unmatched performance standards and an industry-leading fixture durability, SpecGrade LED’s Linea-XL Grow Lights are lighting instruments you can depend on for over 100,000 hours of continuous use. That’s why we offer the industry’s only 10-Year Warranty.

We created a beautiful fixture that exceeds all expectations and beats the competition at every measurement standard.



See the performance improvements for yourself.

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