Meet the Verta : A Next Generation LED Grow Light for Horticulture Professionals

Meet the Verta : A Next Generation LED Grow Light for Horticulture Professionals

SpecGrade’s LED lighting engineers have been innovating new, out-of-the-box approaches to perfecting LED grow lighting technology for several years. The advances we made in industrial and commercial LED lighting over the years across other industrial applications has helped us to streamline the development of our advanced horticulture lighting fixtures. Cultivation professionals around the world have been thrilled with our design, efficiency, and innovative solutions for large scale horticulture operations, and we’re proud of the strides we’re making in several areas.

Meet the Verta Series

Our signature grow light, the Verta series offers the perfect design for vertical racking and indoor growing operations. With a robust powder-coated steel frame and passive extruded aluminum heat sink, it feels robust without being too heavy to transport or mount easily. The Verta series features Osram LEDs with carefully-sculpted 120º optics mounted to ensure uniformity across the entire canopy of the crop.

Thanks to a fully passive thermal management system, the Verta series boasts a competitive 2.64 μmol/J photon efficacy and peak PPFD levels of 1221 μnmol/sec/m2.  Available in a variety of configurations, the Verta is as versatile as it is durable and efficient. 

Modular LED Grow Lights

Designed with vegging and flowering applications in mind, the Verta-8 and Verta-4 both feature a sleek, low-profile 3.5” form factor to allow maximum stacking in vertical environments. Combined with the 3” x 10” modular sections, growers are able to customize the length of runs, as well as increasing or decreasing light levels by adding grow-bar sections. 

Our smooth, adjustable cable system and dimmable drivers offer full control of light levels and proximity. Most importantly, our patent-pending modular LED lighting system allows a grower to easily swap out the printed circuit board using a hinge release, removing the need to replace the entire fixture when efficacy or spectrums are updated.

The Best LED Grow Lights on the Market

Growers are often surprised by our confidence and 10-Year warranty, until they use the Verta in their facility. Our finely-tuned A1 Spectrum for the Entire Life Cycle has proven itself in Universities and independent third party testing labs. The efficient design saves on energy and operational expenses while the performance improves harvest yields and shortens grow cycles.  With a DLC certification for energy rebates and IP65 rating for wet and dusty grow environments, the Verta-4 and Verta-8 LED grow lights from SpecGrade LED will give you all the return on investment you’ve been looking for.


We’re thrilled with the positive response we’ve been getting from cultivation professionals around the world and invite you to explore all the Verta has to offer your grow facility by calling our SpecGrade LED associates today.  

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