Our Warranty is Our Word : Guaranteed Quality from SpecGrade LED

Our Warranty is Our Word : Guaranteed Quality from SpecGrade LED

The LED grow lighting industry has evolved substantially since its commercial emergence in the 1990s and early 2000s. As professional indoor cultivation has grown up, so has the necessity for state-of-the-art horticulture lighting technology and advanced lighting control systems.

As grow lighting has become a popular commodity, the need for a trustworthy manufacturer has increased substantially. With millions of dollars wrapped up in plant cultivation, it’s more important than ever to partner with a lighting manufacturer you trust.

That’s we proudly offer the industry’s only 10-Year Limited Warranty on our LED lights.
When you believe in your product, it’s not hard to stand behind a guarantee.

LED Lighting Professionals

At SpecGrade, we’ve been innovating lighting technology for almost 20 years. We manufactured some of the most powerful stadium sports lighting to hit the market, made significant advances in safety for municipal highway lighting, and produced some of the most durable explosion-proof lighting fixtures for hazardous work sites around the world.

All of that engineering brought us to the frontier of horticulture lighting, which requires subtlety and sophistication to properly provide the necessary PAR and PPFD required to reliably grow food, flora, and medical-grade cannabis. With carefully-crafted optics and our proprietary passive thermal management system, horticulture specialists trust the SpecGrade brand to deliver for years to come.

Reliable LED Grow Lights

Many manufacturers hesitate to offer a warranty on LED grow lights for too many years because technology can change so quickly, requiring new circuit boards and driver updates. However, we’ve already planned for that.

SpecGrade LED grow lights feature a modular design that allows growers to swap out the printed circuit boards for new color spectrums without replacing the entire fixture. This saves thousands of dollars and results in a longer-lasting investment.

Additionally, our advances in structural integrity, thermal management, and material durability mean that our lights burn at full capacity for over 100,000 hours without loss of light quality. Few other manufacturers can say that, which is why we’re still the only ones to guarantee our products for 10 years.

If you’re a professional cultivator looking for reliable ROI and long term trust in a manufacturing partner, we invite you to give us a call to speak with our representatives. Our headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio and our staff has years of knowledge and experience to assist you in specifying your indoor grow facility.