VERTA-4 (300W)


VERTA-4 (300W)

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Legacy VERTA-4 (300W)

SpecGrade’s powerful yet versatile Verta-4 is perfect for both flowering and vegging (with a 0-10V dimmer) in indoor applications. Smaller than the Verta-8, the Verta-4 can make previously wasted grow room space productive. Its modular design allows you to change out the circuit boards should you choose to switch the spectrum or increase the efficacy as technology evolves. The proprietary thermal management system radiates less heat onto the plants while at the same time delivering unprecedented light levels and uniformity. The standard 0-10V dimming functions can easily be utilized with the Grow-Connect-ready (daisy-chaining) wiring harness. The finely-tuned A1 ‘Entire Life Cycle Spectrum’ has proven at universities and various grow environments to improve the trichomes and taste while cutting operational costs and shortening grow cycles.

Available in 330W we can generate a layout that will provide your crop with the exact amount of micromoles necessary to increase the yields and quality of vegetables, fruits, flowers, cannabis, or hemp.

Dimmer is NOT included.


A1 Spectrum | Entire Life Cycle

Verta-6F 1M

A power cable (120-240V), a dimming pigtail, and an RJ12 dimming adapter are included with each Verta-4.

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