Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Well-Designed LED Marijuana Grow Lights

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Well-Designed LED Marijuana Grow Lights

The modern world is hyper-focused these days on reducing our output of environmentally harmful carbon emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity. Regardless of the climate change debate and the various talking points on alternative energy production, the simple truth for most cultivation facilities is that any technological advancement that allows a grower to reduce the energy consumed by his marijuana grow lights is ultimately a good thing. Reducing utility costs and making more efficient use of energy is a sure way to reduce your facility’s carbon footprint and improve bottom line profit margins.

SpecGrade LED grow lights are carefully designed and painstakingly engineered to squeeze every possible photon of light out of the electricity consumed by our grow lights. Our sophisticated LED lighting fixtures are intended to produce lasting results for professional grow facilities, including greater yields for a more abundant harvest and more efficient energy usage to achieve peak performance, bottom line ROI, and ultimately a cleaner carbon footprint on the world.

The Best Photon Efficacy on the Market

One of the signature ways that SpecGrade LED grow lights achieve a more efficient use of electrical power is our industry-leading photon efficacy measurements. A grow lighting fixture’s efficacy rating is based on how effectively it converts available watts into quantifiable photons of PAR, calculated at micromoles per Joule of energy (µmol/J). Our Verta line packs a whopping 2.7 (±5%) µmol/J, which at the time of this writing is currently among the 5 highest measurements on the market. This means that a grower will get a higher amount of actual Photosynthetically Active Radiation to his cannabis crops for every unit of energy consumed with our lights.

Dazzling efficacy is not the only feature of our LED marijuana grow lights that set SpecGrade LED apart as a premium LED grow light manufacturer.

Managing Heat with LED Grow Lighting

The secondary culprit of energy consumption in a modern indoor grow facility is the mitigation of excess heat. A cultivation room is naturally warm and humid to accommodate the needs of the plants. However, the heat from the lights creates a significant temperature increase, which must be counterbalanced with electrical fans and other cooling systems. We’ve taken this into consideration and outfitted our LED marijuana grow lights with a proprietary 100% passive heat sink for thermal management that’s integrated right into the fixture housing.

Without the need for failure-prone electrical fans, out LED grow lights mitigate the excess heat of all that energy, thus reducing the temperature of the grow room and the need for cooling systems. This ultimately lowers the energy costs for the facility.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with LED Grow Lights from SpecGrade

If you’re a professional grower looking to lower your carbon footprint and increase your bottom line ROI, consider a one-on-one consultation with a SpecGrade engineer.  Our staff is glad to assist you in determining the best lighting setup for your operation to save you money and increase your harvest. With advances in efficacy, thermal management, and overall LED lighting energy efficiency, we’re proud to be doing our part to combat excess carbon in the atmosphere and advancing the goal of a more efficient indoor cultivation operation for our clients.


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