Less is More When it Comes to Vegging

Our powerful top light Verta-8is perfect for both vegging flowering applications. Its design allows the grower to change out the circuit boards should he choose to switch the spectrum or increase the efficacy as technology changes. The proprietary thermal management system radiates less heat at the same time delivering unprecedented light levels and uniformity. Our finely-tuned A-1 Entire Life Cycle spectrum has proven itself at universities and various grow environments to improve the shape and taste while cutting operational costs as well as shorten grow cycles. We believe our standard 10-year warranty on the LED boards and 7-year warranty on the drivers says volumes about how well its robust engineering will stand up to the harsh environment of a greenhouse environment resulting in a significant opportunity to increase ROIs & yields.

Verta 6-Bar Without Optic

Verta 6-Bar With Optic

Verta 8-Bar Without Optic

Verta 8-Bar With Optic

The low-profile 3.5” (includes drivers) design in conjunction with the 3” x 10” modular sections will allow the grower the ability to not only customize the length of runs but also increase or decrease light levels by simply adding sections to each grow-bars, raising or lowering the bars with our easy adjustable cable system or spec your system with the controls or dimmable drivers. By choosing to remote the driver the grower can also reduce the depth of the Verta to only 2.5” thereby increasing the number of multi-tier levels of productive farming space.

The professional 6 Bar & 8 Bar configuration

A popular Verta configuration for warehouse applications is the 8-bar 42”x42” system with an integral LED 120° optic. This configuration will deliver PPFD levels reaching over 1100 µmol/m2/s at 6” from the canopy will and will give the grower the easy ability to raise and lower the Verta as the need arises.

From veg to bloom the Verta can do it all.

With Driver Box

Verta with driver

The Verta grow-light includes the driver as attached. Growers may optimize the vertical space by using an optional remote driver as shown below.

Without the Driver Box (Remote Driver Optional)

Verta without driver

Modular Designs

As the efficacy increases the Verta is engineered to enable the grower to simply replace the printed circuit board eliminating having to re-purchase the whole fixture.

Modularity Verta

Robust Construction


Powder Coated Steel Frame
Ensures durability in the most extreme conditions.


Osram LEDs
The finest quality grow-LEDs with the highest efficacy on the market today.


Focuses Light onto the plant increasing PPFD levels while keeping beam uniformity.


Optic Grade Acrylic Lens
Prevents yellowing and warping over time.


Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink
Aluminum is among the best materials used to dissipate heat.


Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
Ensures the fixture’s robust construction over time.


Low Profile Aluminum Frame
Enables grower to maximize the growing space.


Seals the lighting engine giving the fixture an IP 42 rating.

Product Specifications


PPF: 1589 μmol/s
PPFD: 1220 μnmol/sec/m2 (30′ x 30′ Area)
System Power: 649 W
Efficacy: 2.45 μmol/J
Mounting Height: 6” Above Canopy
Optic: 120º


LEDs: 10-Years
Drivers: 7-Years


LEDs: 2400 High Powered Energy-Efficient Osram Chips
Frame: Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Steel (<5% Zinc)
Bars & Heat Sink: Extruded Aluminum
Modular Construction: (enables grower to change out PCBs)

Spectrum: A1
Thermal: 100% Passive
Rating: IP 42 (IP 65 Optional Includes Lens)
Expected Life: > 150,000 hrs.
Available Optics: 90º x 90º, 120º x 120º


Voltage: Auto-Sensing 120-277VAC, 347-480V Optional
Surge Protection: 6kV
Dimming: 0-10V
Power Factor: 0.999
Current THD: 4.45%


Weight: 43.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 42” x 42”
Cord Length: 15-ft cord (3-conductor std) Custom lengths available.
Finish: White

Remote Driver (Optional)


One Section Without Frame
6 or 8 Bar


Area Size: 48″ X 48″
Quantity: 1
Wattage: 500W (6 Bar) & 649W (8 Bar)
Optic (built into LED): 120° x l20°
Average PPF: 1589 μmol/s

Average PPFD: μ/m2/s

  • Avg: 1115
  • Max: 1223
  • Min: 535

Efficacy: 2.45 μmol/J
Recommended Distance to the Canopy: 6″


(Custom Spectrums available upon request)