The Ins and Outs of LED High Bay Lighting

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High bay lighting fixtures are used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, gymnasiums, big box retail outlets, and in other commercial and industrial facilities with large open interior spaces and high ceilings. They pose design end engineering challenges because they generally need to illuminate large open floor spaces with the least amount of maintenance, given the difficulty of repairing and replacing anything that is installed twenty or more feet above any floor. In all cases, LED high bay lights and fixtures are the perfect answer to that challenge.

Once installed, LED high bay lights will continue to operate at near-full capacity for at least four times as long as older-technology metal halide or high pressure sodium high bay lights. The durability and longevity of LED high bay lights reduces a facility’s maintenance requirements and costs and keeps the facility running at full capacity with fewer interruptions for repairs or replacements. Also unlike those older lighting technologies, LED high bay lights come to full illumination almost immediately after they are powered on, with no delays or lag times for warmups. A facility that is lit with LED high bay lights can become fully illuminated with a flip of a switch, thus increasing throughput and productivity.

Studies have shown that employees who work under LED high bay light are also more alert and productive, make fewer mistakes, and are less likely to experience the type of accidents that are typical of poorly-lit work environments. LED high bay lights that have higher Kelvin temperature ratings (i.e., the measure of brightness, and not a reference to the physical temperature of the fixture) have been shown to reduce the production of melatonin, which is the naturally-occurring hormone that causes sleepiness. Employees who are more alert will often feel better about their work environments, leading to further productivity gains. Employees will also appreciate the better lighting uniformity that is created by LED high bay lights, with fewer dark spots and shadows to distract them from their assigned tasks.

Like other forms of LED lighting, LED high bay lighting is more efficient than traditional lighting, using less than half of the electrical energy input to generate the same or better illumination as traditional fixtures. LED high bay lights also operate at lower temperatures, with less of their energy input being wasted as excess heat. This reduces the load on a facility’s cooling system. Facilities that make the transition from traditional to LED high bay lighting typically recover their costs in under two years from reductions in utility bills and lower maintenance and repair costs. LED high bay lights also utilize no harmful materials that might contaminate landfills when the bulbs and fixtures are eventually replaced.

SpecGrade LED has pioneered many LED high bay lighting systems for commercial and industrial facilities, with advanced improvement that include patented technology to cool LED driver circuitry, and special frosted lenses to reduce LED glare without impacting the quality of the light itself. We offer LED fixture frames with rust-proof coatings to stand up to caustic environments, and bulbs and fixtures that have an industry-high rating of 100,000 hours of continuous operation.


We are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and have a network of representatives and affiliates throughout North America who can consult with you to design the perfect LED high bay lighting system for your facility. For more information about our products and services, please see our website or call 888-534-7657 to speak with an LED high bay lighting specialist.