4 Ways LED Grow Lights Improve Crop Production

4 Ways LED Grow Lights Improve Crop Production

As a professional in the horticulture industry, you have most likely researched the benefits of LED grow lights for commercial cultivation in greenhouses, warehouses, and vertical racks. LED grow light technology is rapidly evolving as engineers learn how to modulate the optics, spectral quality, thermal output, and control mechanisms. Our engineering team here at SpecGrade LED is proud to introduce the most advanced LED grow lights on the market to the world of indoor horticulture. Let’s explore at least four major ways our LED fixtures are improving yields and crop production for cultivators around the world.

Spectral Distribution

The optimal spectral distribution and light intensity for plant growth can vary depending on the plant species and its unique needs, but every grower needs a reliably even distribution of PAR, or Photosynthetically Active Radiation, in a light spectrum that’s ideal for each stage of the plant’s grow cycle. We carefully engineer our spectrum to suit both the warmer red wavelengths that replicate summer growing conditions and encourage taller plant growth, as well as the cooler blue wavelengths that encourage terpene and trichome production in the budding or fruiting stage.

Easily Adaptable

During any changes to your indoor growing facility, LED grow lights are easily adaptable  and simple to move, repair, or maintain. Thanks to an end-to-end modular design, each of our LED grow lights can be opened up to swap circuit boards and LED panels without removing the fixture from the grow room.  Whether you choose to convert your crop production, replace cultures, or add new plants to your production, the SpecGrade LED grow lights are suitable for any environment or facility at any stage of a plant’s growth cycle. Having full control over LED fixtures and easy, hassle-free maintenance access introduces a new way to change and grow within your business as time goes on.

Efficient and Waste-Free

Many older generations of LED grow lights rely on complex mechanical fans often built right into the fixture to blow heat away from the LED chips. This is a manifestation of poor housing design. Mechanical fans not only draw additional electricity for power, reducing the overall efficiency of the fixture, they also serve as a potential point of electrical and mechanical failure, which is a headache any grower could do without. SpecGrade fixtures are designed with double-folded aluminum fins built into the housing for increased surface area and a fan-free heat sink that guarantees a lower operating temperature than any of our competitors. Save energy, worry less.

Product Quality

So many of the LED grow lights on the market are poorly suited for commercial and industrial operations, largely due to the low quality of their housing, faulty fans, and excess light spill due to a lack of optics to focus the beam spread. SpecGrade LED is a premier engineering and innovation leader in industrial LED lighting technology and offers the horticulture industry an unprecedented level of quality, craftsmanship, and spectral optimization to bring your grow operation up to today’s technological standards. Experience the superior quality of SpecGrade LED technology with the industry’s only 10 year warranty.