Advanced LED Lighting for Custom Cultivation

Advanced LED Lighting for Custom Cultivation

Where indoor plant cultivation is concerned, not all lighting is created equal. The lighting that is appropriate for one plant species can be very different from the best lighting for other types of plants. Each plant varietal needs specific light wavelengths for optimum growth, leafing, and flowering. In virtually every cultivation facility, lighting and LED optics will make or break the quality and quantity of the facility’s production. Depending on the plant varietal that is being, raised in a facility, some studies have even shown that the right combination of lighting optics and single spectrum for the entire life cycle can boost a growing facility’s yield by more than 30%.

The Advantages Optics for Cultivation

LED lighting is rapidly becoming the standard source of artificial illumination in indoor cultivation and growing facilities. This rise of LED is gaining further traction due to the advanced lighting optics that are available with OpticPAR™ Technology LED fixtures, which offers a variety of specialized optics designed to maximize plant growth. First and most importantly SpecGrade technology will increase the PPFD levels of a plant thereby resulting in higher yields.

  • Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, or PPFD, measures the amount of useful PAR that actually reaches a plant. Advanced lighting optics give growers the best opportunity to adjust PPFD with directional lenses, reflectors, and other LED optics that direct as much of an LED source’s light energy onto a plant’s growing surfaces, including the plant’s upper leaf canopy and its undergrowth.

LED manufacturers are rushing to enter the market for custom grow lighting with systems and technologies that may or may not be tuned with optimum lighting optics for that market or for specific plant varietals. Unlike many of those manufacturers, SpecGrade LED has developed a new system of LED grow lights with our advanced technology. That technology is built on a foundation of more than 15 years of experience in designing and producing commercial and industrial LED lighting systems.