Get a Custom Grow Lighting Layout Design Our Engineers

Get a Custom Grow Lighting Layout Design Our Engineers

SpecGrade is honored to provide LED lighting fixtures for an array of facilities, ranging from greenhouses, vertical farms, sports stadiums, airports, warehouses, and many other industrial purposes. Each venue requires consideration of several factors when specifying optimal lighting configurations, including environmental concerns, maintenance and repair expectations, and lighting performance under multiple conditions. SpecGrade LED offers a custom LED lighting layout design from our engineers, whether it’s for your greenhouse, vertical farm, or industrial facility.

Lighting Layout Request Forms

Our advanced team would be more than happy to provide a custom-built fixture for your growing space. The process of customization and specification for your needs starts when you complete our lighting request form where you can give details of your facility, including layout, crop volume, and spectrum goals.

After your form is completed, simply email the document with any attached photos and/or DWG files. Upon reviewing your details, we will provide you with a custom layout diagram with optimal grow lighting placement designed to maximize your harvest yields and subsequently your ROI.

We offer lighting request forms for the following indoor grow applications:

SpecGrade LED has expert lighting technicians and engineers throughout North America that can assist you in designing the most functional and optimal fixture based on your venue. Visit our website or give us a call for more information, and give your venue the quality it deserves.