How LED Grow Lights Are the Future for Indoor Farming

How LED Grow Lights Are the Future for Indoor Farming

Agriculture continues to make its steady progression toward indoor crop production and vertical farming as the technology to do so becomes less cost prohibitive and arable land becomes more scarce. The future is looking more and more like our food will primarily be grown in towering structures with vertical racks full of leafy greens and colorful fruits. As a leader in the world of advanced LED grow lights, we’re excited to note the trend toward full adoption of energy efficient LED by the world’s largest indoor growers.

Given the need for strict control of environmental conditions for indoor horticulture, LED grow lights offer a clear path to the future of indoor farming, as next generation fixtures like the OpticPAR™ line offer unparalleled PAR and heat control alongside modular design and a balanced lighting spectrum. With the advances we’re making in LED grow lighting, LED will make a significant impact on indoor farming and vertical grow facilities in a few distinct ways.


Quality engineered grow lights feature a controlled spectrum allowing the plant to receive the appropriate calibration of light for each phase of the grow cycle, from seed to harvest. This ideal full-season spectrum combined with SpecGrade LED’s proprietary optics help to maximize PPFD ensuring all of the light reaches the plant, reducing the overflow of light into unnecessary locations such as the floor and surrounding walls. Growers have the flexibility to choose from desired wavelengths, allowing each plant to receive the unique amount of light needed. Having the option to change the amount of light based on the plant ensures optimized light exposure for a larger yield.

Energy Efficient

The price of a modern LED grow light fixture may seem higher than old technology, but the investment is quick in return. With various municipalities raising the rates on energy costs for growers, or outright capping their pull from the grid, it’s more important than ever to reduce energy consumption with LED lights. The value of LED grow lights will pay for themselves with the amount of energy and utilities saved, not to mention the quick yields along the way thanks to specially calibrated spectrums and computer controlled timing mechanisms.

Improve Food Flavor

Modern LED technology has allowed horticulturists to seize full control over their light’s colors, proximity, focus, and wavelength, offering a whole new level of customization and control. LED grow lights that produce white light with the full spectral quality of daylight or proprietary purple spectrum are built to improve the efficiency of PAR production for food. Exposing plants to a greater or lesser amount of light determines the overall quality and flavor of the food, promising a consistent result for every grow cycle and the ability to modify recipes for new flavors and results.

While the world is changing in a number of ways, the technological advances in today’s industrial grade LED grow lights are opening new door ways for growers to scale their operation, save costs, and increase the yields on a superior product. It’s never too late to get an estimate on a full retrofit of your cultivation facility.