The Massive Impact LED Grow Lights are Having on Horticulture

The Massive Impact LED Grow Lights are Having on Horticulture

The way we think about agriculture is changing as we contend with a multitude of environmental limitations and scalability issues in relation to food production. Vertical farming offers a list of endless benefits, from year-round crop production to significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels. As we transition into growing indoors, we must consider how this change in environmental factors affects the cultivation industry and plants themselves.

Chief among these considerations is the crop’s light source for photosynthetic nutrient production within the plants. Transitioning from solar radiation to artificial light is a big step for certain crops and, for cultivators, LED lighting has offered extensive customization and control to account for this shift in the growth process. Forward-thinking growers are learning every day that the best supplementary light source for indoor growing is energy efficient LED lighting, particularly fixtures that offer high quality spectral accuracy and optimized beam spreads.

Enter OpticPAR™ Technology from SpecGrade LED.

So, what makes our LED grow lights stand out?

Less Expensive

Although the initial price of an LED fixture compared to an old technology light source seems higher up front, it does not take long for quality LEDs, such as OpticPAR™ Grow Light Technology, to pay for themselves in energy savings, maintenance efficiency, and lifespan utility. From the vantage point of total lifetime cost of ownership, the value inherent in LEDs is unsurpassed.

Bigger, Better Plants

Quality engineered grow lights offer a zoned-in spectrum, giving the plant the amount of light in needs without spilling into unnecessary locations. LED lighting for plant growth gives growers the flexibility to choose from specific wavelengths that provide the unique needs each plant craves from seedling to harvest, ensuring optimized light exposure for a bountiful yield.

Robust Engineering and Efficiency

When it comes to LED grow lights for commercial cultivation, every detail counts. For temperature cooling, OpticPAR™ lights rely on SpecGrade LED’s own passive thermal management system built into the fixture housing, rather than onboard motorized fans that have the potential to fail electrically. Additionally, the modular design makes changing circuit boards and other routine maintenance hassle free and doesn’t interrupt the grow cycle.

Indoor plant cultivation facilities will continue to see the benefits that LED grow lights can offer as companies like SpecGrade continue to push the envelope on the technology. SpecGrade is proud to be a part of this revolution, offering OpticPAR™ grow lights built to perform like no other. Learn more  on our website and discover how we optimize growth and yields.