The Verta LED for Vertical Farming

The Verta LED for Vertical Farming

Heralded as a savior in agriculturally limited regions of the globe, vertical farming is the marriage of advanced technology and indoor horticulture. Rather than relying on large ground level growing spaces encased in voluminous greenhouses, vertical farming structures achieve the same yield capacity via large upright towers that include stacked rows of hydroponic growing racks that contain plants at various stages of vegetation. Advanced LED lighting options for indoor vertical farming have enabled today’s vertical farming facilities to expand at record pace, and we’re here to help them get to the next level.

Here at SpecGrade LED, we’re excited to have extended our advanced LED technology leadership into the vertical farming industry with the Verta, a modular line of indoor LED grow lighting designed for efficiency and performance. As with our other lines of indoor LED grow light products, our Verta vertical farming LED systems incorporate our groundbreaking OpticPARTM grow light technology that optimizes the crop’s exposure to photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) and photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) for maximum crop yields.

The Technical Design Superiority of Verta LED Grow Light Fixtures

The greatest single challenge for any LED lighting system that is designed to be used in vertical farming structures is to configure the fixtures to generate the highest performance levels of lighting and uniformity across all growing areas in a vertical cultivation facility without requiring an excessive number of fixtures or occupying too much space. Our Verta lighting fixtures are tightly stacked to achieve maximum lighting uniformity across all growing surfaces in a low-profile design. We utilized our many years of experience in designing LED circuit boards to create circuitry for our Verta fixtures that generates the highest PPFD levels across all growing applications.

Vertical farming arose out of a need to grow new food sources in the least amount of space. Our low-profile Verta lighting systems serve that need by giving operators of indoor growing facilities the best possible LED lighting solution that occupies the smallest amount of interior space. The modular design is intended to make maintenance and repairs quick and easy, as circuit boards and drivers can be easily swapped without removing the fixture.

The Durability of Our Verta Fixtures Enhances Their Appeal

All of our indoor LED grow light products, including our Verta fixtures, are constructed with a robust die cast aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware, and optic grade non-yellowing acrylic lenses on specified grow lights. The fixtures are finished with a corrosion resistant powder coating and sealed against humidity with silicone gaskets. We have further incorporated our proprietary passive heat sink technology into our Verta fixtures with extruded aluminum heat sinks that draw excess heat away from aluminum junctions to improve the lifespan of the Verta lighting systems without reliance on built-in mechanical fans subject to electrical failure. We offer an industry-best 10-year warranty on our LEDs and a 5-year warranty on the fixture drivers.  

Superior PAR and PPFD Performance

For optimum performance, indoor LED grow light systems need to do more than illuminate growing surfaces. Botanists have learned that plants rely on different lighting spectra for growth during different phases of their growing cycles. Our Verta lighting fixtures can be tuned to generate the optimal spectral characteristics that plants need during each of those phases. Moreover, our 6- and 8-bar fixture configurations ensure that all parts of a plant, from upper canopy down through undergrowth, receive PPFD levels in excess of 1200 from indoor LED lighting systems that are designed for vertical farming.

Call SpecGrade LED for More Information About Our Verta Fixtures and OpticPARTMLED Grow Light Technology

SpecGrade LED maintains its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and has affiliates and representatives throughout North America who can provide more information about our Verta indoor LED grow light products, including information on how those products can enhance the growing environment in your indoor vertical farming facility.