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Growth, change and technology: The MJBizCon was fun and educational for SpecGrade LED

This year’s MJBizCon was a good time, with great people and lots of interest in SpecGrade LED’s new products this year – helping to build greater brand awareness.

SpecGrade LED went to the largest and most anticipated event for the cannabis industry in October in Las Vegas, and sparked a lot of interest from cultivators about our new products.

This award-winning trade show has more than 250,000 square feet of exhibits. A 3-day conference, MJBizCon includes pre-show forums with more than 100 speakers and then opportunities to mix and mingle – networking and building partnerships with all levels of individuals, businesses and investors in the cannabis industry.

More than 20,000 people attended this year’s MJBizCon.

The event was busy, and high standards were set – especially in the grow light industry. The mood at the event was positive, with lots of good conversations and healthy competition.

SpecGrade LED, as always, focused on helping our customers find the best lighting choices, and our team met with many cultivators in our booth. There was a lot of interest in our new Verta-6 grow lights and some of the products currently in beta testing – that will be industry-leading and game-changing.

The cannabis growing industry leads the way in adopting new grow light technology and the shift to LED lights is definitely on the rise.

SpecGrade is at the top of its field with our thermal management technology, and that was highlighted at MJBizCon, as we networked with the competition.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still on, this show – where nearly everyone was masked and distanced – went on, with an upbeat crowd and lots of enthusiasm. The last conference was in 2019.

The cannabis industry is ever-changing, with hopes of it being decriminalized federally soon – and many executives are looking forward to a bright future. All facets of the industry are planning for cannabis to keep growing and MJBizCon attendees definitely had a vision of long-term strategic planning and forward thinking.