Optimize Your Grow

Nothing Replaces 14 Years of LED Experience.

Why SpecGrade?

Investing in SpecGrade grow lights today, means that 5+ years from now you won’t need to buy them again because your yields suffered after 15 + harvests.

“…The older SpecGrades we have down south [Oklahoma City] are still running.  They’re 5 years old.  And, I’ve yet to see any variance in that room….I’ve never had a failure on a SpecGrade light.”

March 2024: Jason Wilson, President of Paragon Development Group,
Dayton OH & Meridian Development Group, Oklahoma City, OK.

For Every Stage of a Plant’s Life

Verta Indoor

From Veg though flowering our performance proven Verta-6F will optimize your racking environment with excellent thermal management, uniformity ratios & robust construction.

Our powerful Linea-720 is designed and engineered to deliver a uniform spread of micromoles to your greenhouse or single level grow environment.

SpecGrade’s Flora series is designed and engineered as a truly dedicated veg light. It is perfect sole-source solution for the critical veg, close and propagation stages of a plant’s life.

UV & Far Red
Far Red & UV

SpecGrade’s independently controllable UV & Far Red modules are designed to provide a retrofit solution to deliver a custom spectra to every strain.

SpecGrade’s aimable inter-canopy grow lights will assist in optimizing each plant potential by surgically adding photons below the canopy.

The Illumina will deliver a balanced and even light intensity without stressing fragile seedlings and clones

Did You Know…

…your Stable Spectrum Can Change Over Time?!

Most growers know the correct spectrum critical to ensuring that every stage of a plant’s growth is optimized. But what they don’t know is that the spectrum can change over time and consequently effect your profitability! It’s mostly due to the thermal management engineering of your grow light. Quite simply, if your LEDs are burning too hot the degradation will speed up which will also lead to color shifting.

Spectral Accuracy

Did You Know…

…that the Correct Software Will Calculate Your Crop’s Uniformity Ratio?

This metric, seldom discussed in the grow light industry, is important for you to know because a crop’s uniformity will translate directly to optimized yields and reduced losses. Uniform crops often result in consistent quality and size, which is essential for market acceptance. Buyers and processors also prefer crops that are uniform in appearance and quality. You should request a uniformity ratio metric (max/min and avg min) from your grow light manufacture and do some research as to how to understand the metrics that are presented to you. SpecGrade has always generated this metric for our customers.