Designed for Commercial Horticulture

SpecGrade LED develops controlled environment agriculture (CEA) lighting solutions for commercial crop production. Improve your efficiency and overall quality of your environment with innovative LED grow lighting throughout the plant grow cycle. Indoor and greenhouse cultivators release their plants’ potential with SpecGrade’s proven spectral excellence and robust engineering.

SpecGrade LED is Your Trusted Grow Lighting Partner

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proven results

from professional growers

Cultivar Group

“I L O V E every light I own from you and the Flora is particularly incredible”

Drew Romeo
Cultivar Group, Michigan

Head Consultant

” I have been working in the cannabis industry for the last 12 years and have yet to find a fixture that has more versatility, a better spectrum, and is more durable than the Spec Grade VERTA series. Its everything you could want out of one Fixture!”

Justin B.
Fresh Coast Hemp Company, Belaire, MI

Cultivations Sector Consulting, LLC

SpecGrade is quickly making its way to a list of the well-known and like Cannabis LED companies. Their fixtures are well designed for vertical growing and very solidly built. No other lighting company I know offers a 10-year warranty and easy accommodations of the spectrum changes by swapping out solder-free diode boards. While many other LED companies expect and want cultivators to replace the fixture every 3-5 years. SpecGrade is selling hardware that’s made to last, yet designed to evolve.

Jennifer Martin
Cultivations Sector Consulting, LLC, Maui, HI

Master Cultivator

“I’ve tried many different LED & HID grow lights and by far SpecGrade’s Verta-8 outperforms all of them. I will never buy any other brand grow lights for my facilities.”

Jason Wilson
Paragon Group, Oklahoma City, OK

Highline Nursery

“We produce upwards of 500k cannabis starts a month. We ran side-by-side tests with our light next to the Flora-10. We tested plants that were the same strain, as well as age and size. The results were somewhat astonishing. We were used to getting around 120 cuts per 4×4 space with our high bays. The SpecGrade Flora-10 hit 240 cuts in the exact same space. This is a 200% increase. We repeated the tests twice more with the same results if not better…great customer service and a great product.”

Evan Bowman
Highline Nursery, Los Angeles, CA

Maitri Medicinals

“The build quality on the SpecGrade Verta-8 is second to none. With hundreds of lights in our facility, we have never had a bad fixture out of the box. The construction also makes it easy to swap out lighting parts with ease and minimal downtime. Their customer service department goes above and beyond to resolve any issues. On top of it all, we are able to yield 50 grams/sqft and never exceed 90% of the output of the light.”

Nathaniel Hamm
Maitri Medicinals, Pittsburgh, PA

Seven Points Supply

“After 8 years of growing full time and trialing over a dozen fixtures (3 HPS, 10 LED) the first time we hit over 3 lbs per light was with SpecGrade Verta-8s. More notably, with high-quality finished product. The quality and caliber of design, engineering, materials, and overall function have stood out as exceptional next to a lot of other formidable fixtures. We are now in the process of switching out another brand of LEDs and going back to SpecGrade.”

Jake, Facility Director
Seven Points Supply, Michigan