Perfect for greenhouse applications, our most powerful and modular Linea-48XL will minimize shadowing while allowing the grower to change out the circuit boards should he choose to switch the spectrum or increase the efficacy as technology changes. The proprietary thermal management system radiates less heat at the same time delivering unprecedented light levels and uniformity. Our finely-tuned A-1 Entire Life Cycle spectrum has proven itself at universities and various grow environments to improve the shape and taste while cutting operational costs as well as shorten grow cycles.We believe our standard 10-year warranty on the LED boards and 7-year warranty on the drivers says volumes about how well its robust engineering will stand up to the harsh environment of a greenhouse environment resulting in a significant opportunity to increase ROIs & yields.


Linea feature

Modular Designs

As the efficacy increases the Linea is engineered to enable the grower to simply replace the printed circuit board eliminating having to replace the whole fixture.

Modular Designs

Product Specifications


PPF: 767 μmol/s
PPFD: 944 μnmol/sec/m2 (3′ x 8′ Area)
System Power: 333 W
Efficacy: 2.3 μmol/J
Mounting Height: 24” Above Canopy
Optic: 120º


LEDs 10-years
Drivers 7-years


LEDs: 1232 High-powered Energy-Efficient Osram Chips
Frame: Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Steel (<5% Zinc)
Bars & Heat Sink: Extruded Aluminum
Modular Construction: (enables grower to change out PCBs)

Spectrum: A1
Thermal: 100% Passive
Rating: IP 67
Expected Life: > 100,000 hrs.
Available Optics: 120º x 120º


Voltage: Auto-Sensing 120-277VAC; 347 – 480V Optional
Surge Protection: 6kV
Dimming: 0-10v
Power Factor: 0.999
Current THD: 4.39%


Weight: 19.0 lbs
Dimensions: 4.5″ x 48″
Cord Length: 15-ft cord (3-conductor std).
Finish: White

IP 67
Linea Dimension

Product Pricing

Linea – 48XL, 100/277V, 15’ Cord, Whip, A1 Spectrum

01-10: $795
11-20: $775
20-30: $745
31-40: $725
40+: Call Mitch For Quote at 888-410-5337

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Area Size: 24” x 72”
Quantity: 1
Wattage: 333W
Optic (built into LED): 120° x 120°
Average PPF: 767 μmol/s

Average PPFD: 944 μnmol/sec/m2 (3′ x 8′ Area)

  • Avg: 450
  • Max: 741
  • Min: 234

Efficacy: 2.3 μmol/J
Recommended Distance to the Canopy: 24″

A1 Spectrum

(Custom Spectrums available upon request)

A-1 Spectral Distribution