Optimize Your Grow

For Every Stage of a Plant’s Life

Verta Indoor

From Veg though flowering our performance proven Verta-6F will optimize your racking environment with excellent thermal management, uniformity ratios & robust construction.

Our powerful Linea-720 is designed and engineered to deliver a uniform spread of micromoles to your greenhouse or single level grow environment.

SpecGrade’s Flora series is designed and engineered as a truly dedicated veg light. It is perfect sole-source solution for the critical veg, close and propagation stages of a plant’s life.

UV & Far Red
Far Red & UV

SpecGrade’s independently controllable UV & Far Red modules are designed to provide a retrofit solution to deliver a custom spectra to every strain.

SpecGrade’s aimable inter-canopy grow lights will assist in optimizing each plant potential by surgically adding photons below the canopy.

The Illumina will deliver a balanced and even light intensity without stressing fragile seedlings and clones