Cultivation Bio engineering LTD

“My yields under SpecGrade have been 75 g to 135 g per sqf per cycle, primarily in the Clone-to-Flower method in the SAEF system.”

Joseph (JC) Chidiac | Horticultural Engineer Cultivation Bioengineering LTD Washington


“There is NO OTHER Light like SpecGrade in this industry. The Verta-8 has exceeded our expectations with the performance/output and most importantly, the results I’ve harvested off testing with recreational grows. For example, I was able to pull 10lbs off just 4 plants!”

Anthony Palazzi, Head Grower J-BAM Pittsfield, MA

Meridian Growers

“I am getting 13-18% more yield than Gavita and 3%-6% higher terpenes. I just harvested 96 sq. ft and got 3.03 lbs on 3 4×8 tables in a row of 5 lights [Verta-8s].”

Jason Wilson Meridian Growers Oklahoma City, OK

Indigenous Farms

“We did 2.6 lbs per light cured trimmed flower using the SpecGrade Verta 8’s. I am shooting for 3.5 per light next week which I think it’s totally doable. When you don’t have the sun, you’ve got SpecGrade.”

Sean Tyson, Co-owner & Grower Indigenous Farms Sugar Island, MI

All Grow

“I am totally blown away by the build quality of this light. I work in pro AV mostly and this thing resembles a high-end amplifier installation more than an agricultural product. My plants are absolutely loving it and it’s made temp control so much easier.”

Nate Gilberg All Grow Washington

His & Herbs

“Here are the latest test results under the spec grades. We some some very high THC content numbers and are very impressed with the end product coming out from under your lights.

The cookies and cream strain performed very well with some of the highest THC content our growers have seen so far.”

Evan Kaplan, Project Analyst His & Herbs California

Hybrid Tech

“For one of our Pennsylvania clients our Hybrid Tech engineering team once again provided an analysis of multiple lighting solutions that indicate that SpecGrade as the appropriate provider.  After 2 years of operation once again proven to be the best in class cultivation lights currently on the market.”

Dan Gustafik, President Hybrid Tech Oregon

That Grow

“We’ve been running our longest running Verta-8’s for almost 2 years without one single failure. Quality speaks volumes.”

Eli McLean, President That Grow Oregon

Ohio State University Department of Horticulture and Crop Science

“SpecGrade LEDs is a well-established LED company in applications of high power LEDs with good thermal management system (for highway lighting and stadiums) and recently entered in horticultural market. I collaborate with them to have custom designed LED lighting systems for various crops.

I am very grateful to you and your team for the capacity of your R&D to develop LED lighting, design appropriate heat management technologies, and evaluate the performance of lighting. We had finished our successful year of growing various crops in greenhouse with your LED lighting, including strawberry, lettuce and basil. I am particularly happy about the plant performance under LEDs and look forward to our second crop year starting soon.”

The Ohio State University Professor Chieri Kubota

Greenleaf Inc.

“The Extra – 60 is currently over a mother plant in veg that has just exploded since being underneath it.

The Flora Series 5 bar is over some freshly transplanted plants that seem to be enjoying them.

The Flora Series 10 Bar is over 2 of our larger mother plants. The spread of the 10 bar is phenomenal for full canopy coverage. Its part values are a little lower than I would like for mother plants but it is a big plus that the plants can grow right into the light and not get much damage. This would also be a fantastic light for the 4″ and 1 gallon potted plants in the racks.”

Senior Cultivator Greenleaf Inc. Oklahoma City, OK

Wellsprings Growers

“Since we’ve been able to dial it in, we’ve been averaging 2.8 lbs/sqft using SpecGrade’s Linea-48 in our greenhouse over the last few harvests. We couldn’t be happier with the level of attentiveness that we’ve been receiving from their customer service team as well as Rick and Doug.”

Tom Hobson, CEO Wellsprings Growers Ravenna, OH

Green Solutions

“…we harvested last week and the Specgrade LED lights did exceptionally well. The white A1 spectrum made 40.5 oz., the red made 38.55 oz., and the Spyder light [Fluence] made 30.25 oz.”

Steve Staudenmier Grower Portland, OR

Canna Pro

“We have found that SpecGrade’s past experience in commercial lighting has translated to an innovative, yet competitive approach to a variety of competitive approach to a variety of grow light applications in Greenhouses.”
“…We harvested last week and the SpecGrade lights did exceptionally well. The A-1 spectrum made 40.5oz and the Spyder [Fluence]made 30.25 oz.”

George Dickinson President CannaPro Toronto, Canada

Poetry of Plants

“Specgrade’s Verta-8 is leading the way on electric efficiency, balance efficiency, superior/robust physical design as well as it is easy to set up. It is producing 70 grams per sq. ft. and above…high quality, top shelf of dry flower.”

Nelson Lindsley Agriculture Consultant California

Habitat Life

“I am only about half way through the first flower cycle. The lights are performing well, I don’t have metrics to share since we haven’t gone through a full cycle yet. I can see that the plants are bulking appropriately and seem to be right on cue.

I am running at an extremely reduced load on my HVAC as well because this fixture runs so cool and efficient. The overall quality of the lights are amazing… “

Laine Keyes Habitat.Life Chase, British Columbia (Canada)

Todd McCormick

“I have been growing cannabis since 1984, and I have been growing under LED lights since 2015 …In the past year I have gotten to use the Verta-8, which is dimmable and very well-built; and have a more even coverage over the canopy with the LEDs laid out in bars. I also favor the Verta design for both air circulation and the ability to look down into the canopy from over the light to spot problems. Overall I am so very impressed with the dimmable Verta 8, that I am planning to replace all of the lights in my mother room to 24 Verta-8’s, as the build quality and the dimmable ability just can’t be beat.”

Todd McCormick Grower San Francisco

Maui Grown Therapies

“We’ve tested the Verta 8 fixture side by side with Fluence SPYDRx+ several times. The spectra are about the same. Negligible difference in product quality, but we prefer the Vertas for the following reasons: increased yields, sturdier construction; better dimming solution; driver consumes less power; diode boards can be unscrewed and replaced with new ones, obviating the need to purchase a new base fixture; better customer service; better price.”

Chris Cole, Grow Technician Maui Grown Therapies; Maui, Hawaii Kula, HI. 96790

Cultivation Bioengineering LTD

SpecGrade LED’s Verta 8, Linea, and Flora 5 have all produced outstanding results in our cannabis research plots. Not only do they provide a comfortable environment for the grower, but the lush growth of the plants is simply stunning. Under our methodology, the Verta 8 luminaire consistently yields in excess of 70 g/sqf of dried flower per 6 to 9 week cycle, depending on the cultivar. The quality of the cannabis produce matches that of the luminaires themselves, which are industry leading and best in class. Our cannabinoid and terpene levels match or exceed anything we have witnessed grown under HID, competing LEDs, and even sunlight. I can safely recommend these luminaires to any and all serious cannabis growers looking to make a purchase that lasts a lifetime and performs like a dream.

In summation, I highly recommend SpecGrade LED for your horticultural lighting needs in both indoor and vertical cultivation facilities as well as greenhouses. I believe you will fall in love with these white powder coated, solid and sustainable fixtures just as I have, and you love having an attentive and responsive lighting partner even more.

Joseph (JC) Chidiac Horticultural Engineer. Cultivation Bioengineering LTD

William Elder

“Hi Rick…The Verta-8s seem to be doing well. We just pulled down 8lbs of dried bud from under a section with them, which is 56.8g/ft2.

MJardin William Elder Denver, CO

Bickel Consulting

“ …overall I did think it was a great light, and I got the same results from HPS and used 40% less power to achieve those results…light was very solid and well built, and came with useful mounting supplies (not all companies provide this)…produced great results for quality…yields were on par with expected when compared to a single ended HPS at 1000W.”

Lukas Batten, VP Bickel Consulting

Cultivar Group

“I L O V E every light I own from you and the Flora is particularly incredible”

Drew Romeo Cultivar Group Michigan

Head Consultant

” I have been working in the cannabis industry for the last 12 years and have yet to find a fixture that has more versatility, a better spectrum, and is more durable than the Spec Grade VERTA series. Its everything you could want out of one Fixture!”

Justin B. Fresh Coast Hemp Company Belaire, MI

Cultivations Sector Consulting, LLC

SpecGrade is quickly making its way to a list of the well-known and like Cannabis LED companies. Their fixtures are well designed for vertical growing and very solidly built. No other lighting company I know offers a 10-year warranty and easy accommodations of the spectrum changes by swapping out solder-free diode boards. While many other LED companies expect and want cultivators to replace the fixture every 3-5 years. SpecGrade is selling hardware that’s made to last, yet designed to evolve.

Jennifer Martin Cultivations Sector Consulting, LLC Maui, HI

Master Cultivator

“ I’ve tried many different LED & HID grow lights and by far SpecGrade’s Verta-8 outperforms all of them. I will never buy any other brand grow lights for my facilities.”

Paragon Group Jason Wilson Oklahoma City, OK

Highline Nursery

“We produce upwards of 500k cannabis starts a month. We ran side-by-side tests with our light next to the Flora-10. We tested plants that were the same strain, as well as age and size. The results were somewhat astonishing. We were used to getting around 120 cuts per 4×4 space with our high bays. The SpecGrade Flora-10 hit 240 cuts in the exact same space. This is a 200% increase. We repeated the tests twice more with the same results if not better…great customer service and a great product.”

Evan Bowman Highline Nursery Los Angeles, CA

Maitri Medicinals

“The build quality on the SpecGrade Verta-8 is second to none. With hundreds of lights in our facility, we have never had a bad fixture out of the box. The construction also makes it easy to swap out lighting parts with ease and minimal downtime. Their customer service department goes above and beyond to resolve any issues. On top of it all, we are able to yield 50 grams/sqft and never exceed 90% of the output of the light.”

Nathaniel Hamm Maitri Medicinals Pittsburgh, PA

Seven Points Supply

“After 8 years of growing full time and trialing over a dozen fixtures (3 HPS, 10 LED) the first time we hit over 3 lbs per light was with SpecGrade Verta-8s. More notably, with high-quality finished product. The quality and caliber of design, engineering, materials, and overall function have stood out as exceptional next to a lot of other formidable fixtures. We are now in the process of switching out another brand of LEDs and going back to SpecGrade.”

Jake, Facility Director Seven Points Supply Michigan