Investing in SpecGrade grow lights today, means that 5+ years from now you won’t need to buy again because your yields suffered after 15 + harvests.

“…The older SpecGrade we have down south [Oklahoma City] is still running.  It’s 5 years old.  And, I’ve yet to see any variance in that room….I’ve never had a failure on a SpecGrade light.”
March 2024: Jason Wilson, President of Paragon Development Group,
Tipp City, OH & Meridian Development Group, Oklahoma City, OK.

100% Passive Thermal Management

Thermal management, or heat management, is easy to overlook, but it not only impacts the plants but the environmental conditions on LED performance.

Excessive heat from grow lights can stress plants resulting in light burn, powdery mildew pest infestations and nutrient burn ultimately impacting the plant’s roots, foliage and flower production.

Failing to consider factors such as ambient temperature, humidity levels, and exposure to external elements can lead to suboptimal performance and ultimately possible system failure for each of your LED grow lights.

Proven Performance & Reliability

Over the years SpecGrade’s grow have provided our clients with proven photobiological performance and engineering excellence. From efficacy to uniformity to durability we design our grow lights to optimize every cubic foot of grow space while providing our clients the industry’s highest ROI year after year.

Light Uniformity

Our 3” wide light bars translates to better overall crop uniformity maximizing your room’s ROI.

100% Passive Thermal Management

Robust Construction

Because every part of our grow light must stand up to chemicals, fertilizers, methane emissions, nitrous oxide, heat, humidity, water, dust, and dirt, our engineers specify the highest quality components on the market for each grow light we manufacture.

We are so confident in our robust construction— which translates to reliability and longevity—we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. Our use of high-quality materials and our focus on luminaire durability will ensure your grow lighting investment will lower your operational costs while standing the test of time.

Robust Construction

Luminaries in SpecGrade’s Grow line feature

  • Proprietary Thermal Management Systems
  • Optic-Grade Lenses
  • Energy-Efficient, Long Lasting Samsung & Osram LEDs
  • Inventronics Drivers

Focus on Durability

  • Water and Particle Ingress Resistant (IP66 Rated)
  • Corrosion-Resistant Frame
  • Silicone-Sealed LED Boards
  • Industry Leading Warranty

Modular Design

As technology improves, or a grower simply wishes to use a different spectrum, our products’ modular construction allows the grower to quickly and easily change out the printed circuit board. Our modular designs also reduce downtime by allowing cultivators to perform field repairs when necessary.

LED Chips

To optimize our client’s crops, SpecGrade blends both top-tier plant-centric Samsung and OSRAM LED horticulture LED chips in each grow light we manufacture. These LEDs, when blended together into a proven spectrum, will maximize photosynthesis while driving superior plant growth tailored to each unique recipe. Our comprehensive approach of matching cutting-edge LED technologies with a quality Inventronics drivers and state-of-the-art thermal management will harness your spectra for peak productivity and quality harvests while ensuring unmatched efficiency and minimal energy use.

Inventronics Drivers

Inventronics is a leader in manufacturing cutting edge LED drivers. Their innovative, dependable, and long-lasting solutions are meticulously crafted to exceed major international safety and performance benchmarks, while also delivering unparalleled technical assistance and exceptional customer care. In-house manufacturing expertise and ongoing reliability assessments ensures the utmost quality standards resulting in reliability and performance.

Finishes & Coatings

Our construction materials include powder-coated finishes over high-grade aluminum and steel to protect the frame and additional layers of conformal coating to protect the LEDs from airborne chemicals. We have one of the thickest conformal coatings on the market!

Grow Light Life Expectancy

As this industry matures it is demonstrated repeatedly that most grow lights do a relatively good job when they initially come out of the box. The real test is over time. How quickly does the LED light output depreciate? Will they hold up to the harsh environment of a grow facility with high humidity levels, moisture, CO2, chemicals, 12-14 hour on-times as well as the human factor?

A simple search on social media will reveal that SpecGrade grow lights will stand the test of time. Better yet, contact our clients and ask them about their metrics using our lights (yields, terpenes, chemical content, failure rates, etc).

SpecGrade is dedicated to ongoing research and development within the horticulture industry.

S1 Spectrum

Early testing of our new spectra with a double bump of blue indicate that this chip can produce a more robust root structure and shorter vegging times during the early stages of growth thereby optimizing the plant’s growth and yield.