Our Story

Since 2010 over 75 professional contracted manufacturer representative agencies and 2000 associates throughout North America have chosen to represent SpecGrade. In 2016, as LED technology emerged as a promising alternative to HID for plant growth, Rick Nathans, CEO and Doug Lauck, COO began to design and engineer LED grow lights in their facility in Columbus Ohio.

LED Grow Light Experience

Today, SpecGrade is recognized as a trailblazer and frontrunner in the industry, not only innovating but also collaborating with growers and consultants to enhance crop yields and ROIs through LED grow light solutions. Our proprietary LED grow lights not only meets but exceeds industry standards in performance and reliability with a proven track record across the United States. Don’t take our word on it, ask us for references.

SpecGrade’s Horticulture Applications

SpecGrade’s Commercial Applications