Our Company

Robust Construction

Because every part of our grow light must stand up to chemicals, fertilizers, methane emissions, nitrous oxide, heat, humidity, water, dust, and dirt, our engineers specify the highest quality components on the market for each grow light we manufacture.

We are so confident in our robust construction— which translates to reliability and longevity—we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. Our use of high-quality materials and our focus on luminaire durability will ensure your grow lighting investment will lower your operational costs while standing the test of time.


Quality Materials

Luminaries in SpecGrade’s Grow line feature

  • Proprietary Thermal Management Systems
  • Optic-Grade Lenses
  • Energy-Efficient, Long-Lasting Osram LEDs

Focus on Durability

  • Water and Particle Ingress Resistant (IP65 Rated)
  • Corrosion-Resistant Frame
  • Silicone-Sealed LED Boards
  • Industry Leading Warranty


SpecGrade LED's Vert-6F in racking with remote driver

Modular Design

As technology improves, or a grower simply wishes to use a different spectrum, our products’ modular construction allows the grower to quickly and easily change out the printed circuit board. Our modular designs also reduce downtime by allowing cultivators to perform field repairs when necessary.


100% Passive Thermal Management

Active thermal management, or integral electric fans, are problematic in indoor farming environments. Fixtures with motorized fans translate to more potential points of failure. If the motor or fan is damaged or unable to effectively cool the fixture, the LEDs are likely to overheat and fail, exposing an operation to down time that may compromise the crop. Avoid these potential pitfalls by selecting a grow fixture that uses a 100% passive thermal management system.

All SpecGrade LED grow lights are equipped with a proprietary, high-performance passive thermal management system engineered to operate flawlessly in extreme grow conditions. The high-quality extruded aluminum heat sink dissipates the heat from the LEDs, without assistance from a fan. Experience the no-maintenance benefits of reliable thermal management with SpecGrade LED.