Guide to Selecting a Grow Light

Choosing the best grow light for your environment depends upon your awareness of the issues involved and the science that makes it all work. This handy guide will walk you through each of these points enabling you to make a more educated decision when you are ready to purchase your first or next grow light.


8 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying an LED Grow Light

Not all LED grow lights are made equally. There are many questions a grower should ask before choosing one grow light over another. These 8 questions should be at the top of your list and will help you narrow your choices to what will work best for you in your environment at a price you are willing to pay.

LED vs HPS: A Cost/Benefit Analysis

This side-by-side comparison covers a span of five years. Let’s talk numbers, your bottom line, and doing it right the first time.

Photobiology: A 101 Course

Light drives plant photosynthesis which in turn drives yields both in quality and quantity. Let’s dig into the science which will help you become a better cultivator no matter what you’re growing.

Using Far Red & UV Spectra For the Highest ROI

Indoor cultivators are always looking for a new edge to produce larger yields of better quality in shorter amounts of time. Far Red and Ultraviolet light are showing promise in doing exactly that. Knowing when and how to apply it can be challenging. This short overview will give you a starting point for your own research.