Inter-Canopy Lighting

Rotatable Inter-Canopy Lighting

Bi-directional Inter-lighting can increase yields as much as 10-20%

Supplement your existing top lighting with the Extra-48 for improved yields. The polycarbonate design is half the weight of its predecessor with a wider optic producing a 150-degree photon distribution. The combination of performance and lighter weight yields additional versatility to cultivators. Designed with customization in mind, the Extra-48 features aim-able LEDs and is wired for daisy-chaining. 

Specgrade's M1 Spectrum

M1 was designed to enhance the flowering stage of a plant’s life. Our client feed-back indicates increased yields of 10%-20% for cannabis plants. 



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Dimension48.27” X 3.5” X 3.0”
System Power48W
PPF>100 μmol/s
Efficacy>2.2 μmol/J (± 5%)

The Extra-48 will surgically add an additional PPF where it is needed most helping to create a more vital and stronger plant without adding significant heat. 

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Our proprietary engineered printed circuit boards, together with highly engineered extruded aluminum heat sinking, is designed to conduct heat away from the plants. These 24-watt tubes will provide additional photons while adding negligible heat.

Our finely-tuned M-1 spectrum will provide the additional PAR required to increase yields while not impacting the plant with heat. This proven balanced red-blue combination spectra is optimal for vegetative and flowering, resulting in some of the industry’s highest yields and fastest ROIs.

The Extra was designed to deliver additional amounts of PAR without interfering with plant growth. Each tube measures only 1.5” tall and 1.5” wide.

Each Extra inter-lighting tube has a 150° aim-able range to ensure the additional PAR is directed to the area of the plant that is most likely to increase yield.

SpecGrade offers our clients a Daisy-Chain Solution that significantly reduces the
cost of an electrical contractor dropping a wire for each grow light. Or, it can turn
the project into a time-saving do-it-yourself job.


Because we build each grow light to the highest standards we feel comfortable providing the 5-Year Warranty on both the LED boards and drivers.  View our warranty details here.

SpecGrade LED's 5 Warranty

The Extra qualifies for the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) certification, an independent third-party authorization that most utilities will commonly look to before considering any rebates to owners of indoor farming facilities. However, before putting a manufacturer on their Qualified Products List (QPL) they are required to meet a number of performance criteria.

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