reduce rooting time

Rotatable & Dimmable Propagation lighting

The Illumina-24 provides just the right amount of photons without stressing fragile seedlings and clones. 150-degrees of photon output combined with the 0-10V dimming feature you are able to balance the light intensity while aiming the photons to ensure an even blanket of light resulting in uniform rooting. The economical Illumina-24 will help you create a successful propagation environment.


Specgrade’s P2 Spectrum

Our P2 spectrum is meticulously designed to provide what seedlings and clones need during this fragile stage of growth. High in the blues, it has also been shown to reduce the time spent in propagation.

Features Ensuring Optimal Performance

System Power 24W
Efficacy >2.1 μmol/J (± 5%)
PPF (± 5%) >50 μmol/s
Spectrum Proven P2
Voltages 100-277VAC (V01)
Thermals 100% Passssive
Driver Integral
Dimming 0-10V
Warranty 7-Years on LEDs, 5-Years on Driver

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