UV & Far Red
UV & Far Red

UV & Far Red

UV & Far Red

UV & FR Verta Racking

Flexible & Lightweight Solutions for Cultivators

Rotatable & Dimmable Supplemental Grow Lighting

Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, the UV and Far Red supplemental wavelength tubes weigh less than 2 lbs with a rotatable 150-degrees of photon output for directed lighting. Compatible with 0-10V dimmers and daisy-chainable separately from top lighting for easy control. These supplemental tubes allow cultivators to decide exactly where and how much of these wavelengths to apply in their environment.

UVA Spectrum & Far Red Spectrum

Our UVA spectrum is designed to supplement the primary spectrum and peaks at 400nm. UVA wavelengths have been shown to improve terpenes and essential oil production in some plants.

Our Far Red spectrum peaks at 730nm and is designed to supplement the primary spectrum. Far Red light increases photosynthesis efficiency, influences plant size, and promotes flowering in some plants.

Supplemental Wavelength Tubes

UV Far Red
System Power 15W 15W
Wavelength 400nm 730nm
Voltages 100-277VAC 100-277VAC
Optics 150º 150º
Thermals Passssive Passssive
Driver Integral Integral
Dimming 0-10V 0-10V
Daisy-Chainable Yes Yes
Warranty 5-Years 5-Years

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