Did You Know…

…your stable spectrum can change over time?!

If the LEDs burn too hot it results in *rapid degradation of the LEDs themselves resulting in less light output, shorter life while impacting your HVAC.

This degradation may prompt you to increase your output impacting your ROI. When coupled with premature degradation of the driver, or power source, due to excessive heat has been arguably the cause of most grow light failures across the country.

It will also cause color changing or color shifting… meaning your proven spectrum, or the cornerstone of your profitability, is going to change!

What is happening is the LEDs are coated with various phosphors which helps to create a spectrum to mimic sunlight. Excessive heat also burns off the phosphors, causing color changing or shifting. While this might not matter much for parking lot lighting, roadways, or other non-horticulture it’s crucial for your grow operation, as your plants rely on a proven spectrum for optimal growth.

Spectral Accuracy

US Department of Energy