How SpecGrade LED Grow Lights Impressed the Cannabis Cultivators at Wellspring Fields in Ohio

How SpecGrade LED Grow Lights Impressed the Cannabis Cultivators at Wellspring Fields in Ohio

Over the past several months, our new line of advanced LED grow lights for the horticulture and cannabis cultivation industries have been rolling out to grow facilities across North America for testing and feedback. We’ve received some exceptional commentary from savvy cultivators as well as some glowing testimonies that would make any craftsman beam with pride.

Here in our home state of Ohio, where 24 newly licensed cannabis cultivators are growing the first crops of legally sanctioned medical grade marijuana, we have been very fortunate to partner with some exceptional growers to see what they thought of our innovations in the field.

Most notably, Wellspring Fields, located just outside of Cleveland, will be the first of Ohio’s grow facilities to produce a viable crop for the medical patients registering in droves across the state. After a successful harvest under SpecGrade LED Grow Lights with OpticPAR Technology, they found them to vastly out-perform their traditional HID fixtures as well as leading competitor LED lights.

CEO Tom Hobson reached out early in the grow cycle to share his enthusiasm for the results;

“I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with your led lights. We are using SpecGrade’s Verta-4 in our racking and Verta-8s in the remainder of the space.  After only 6 weeks of grow we couldn’t be happier with the results we are seeing in the veg and clone process.  As the 1st operationally licensed cultivation in the state of Ohio, you have given us an added advantage. Thanks!”

COO of Wellspring Fields, Claire Hobson, confirmed that their energy bill was cut in half when the grow rooms were switched over to SpecGrade LED products, commenting, “Our Lead Grower has a lot of experience with indoor cultivation and insists that he’s never seen lights perform as well as the Verta.”

We knew the cooler operating temperatures of our Verta fixtures would reduce their energy overhead but were glad to get confirmation on the positive results expressed in the plants themselves thanks to a carefully specified color spectrum and advanced directional optics.

We couldn’t be happier with these validating comments and extend our warmest appreciation to the talented team at Wellspring Fields for helping us solidify the specifications that make our LED grow lights with OpticPAR Technology a clear leader in the pack of grow lighting manufacturers.”

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