OpticPAR Presents the Linea for Greenhouse Lighting

OpticPAR Presents the Linea for Greenhouse Lighting

SpecGrade LED, a domestic manufacturer of LED lights and fixtures in Columbus, Ohio, has incorporated our novel OpticPARTM grow light technology into the new Linea lighting fixture for linear greenhouse lighting applications. Commercial growers and cultivators will see unprecedented benefits when they use our Linea luminaires in linear greenhouse lighting setups.

The Technical Superiority of Linea Fixtures

Our Linea fixtures optimize the level of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) that is cast on long rows of greenhouse plants with minimal light spillover into aisles between growing tables. The configuration of these fixtures also improves the levels of photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) that penetrates the plants upper canopy to reach undergrowth.

We have also incorporated integrated dimming systems into all of our Linea products with wireless technology that gives greenhouse operators maximum control over lighting levels at all times.

Further, because LED lighting operates at substantially lower physical temperatures than traditional artificial greenhouse lighting, growers can mount them closer to growing surfaces with less harm from excess heat, particularly during the earlier stages of plant growth.

Durable Linea Construction Ensures Many Years of Greenhouse Lighting Performance

High levels of heat and humidity in greenhouses can shorten the lifespan of traditional indoor grow light fixtures. We have designed our Linea LED greenhouse grow light fixtures to resist degradation from these ambient conditions.

All of our Linea fixtures feature rugged die cast aluminum housings with durable powder coated finishes. These fixtures also have an IP65 rating due to our novel silicon based waterproofing that seals and protects them from dust and humidity. We have also incorporated our proprietary passive thermal management system with extruded aluminum heat sinks and thick solid aluminum substrates into all Linea fixtures to extend their lighting performance.

The Linea fixtures also feature discrete multi-channel flow-through cooling to minimize junction temperatures to further reduce thermal degradation of lighting performance over time. Lastly, all of these fixtures come with easily accessed power plugs that facilitate daisy chaining of multiple fixtures across the entire length of a greenhouse.

PAR and PPFD Specifications of Linea Fixtures

At their recommended mounting height of 24 inches above the greenhouse plant growth canopy, our Linea fixtures generate an average PPFD of 450 photons per square meter per second with a power input of 505 watts. That same power input generates light with a strong spectral peak at 450 nm (the blue end of the spectrum) and a broader peak between 500 and 680 nm (the red end). Our Linea fixtures include robust controls that allow greenhouse managers to adjust PAR concentrations to coincide with a plant’s needs at different phases of its growing cycle.

Our Linea fixtures also come with custom optics and beam configurations to give growers better control over beam spread and distribution. With better concentration of lighting on the growing surfaces that need the light, greenhouse operators achieve better yields and higher quality plants with lower energy consumption and costs.

OpticPARTMOffers Next Generation Lighting for Greenhouse Operations

SpecGrade designed its OpticPAR TM grow light technology and its Linea fixtures not just to meet but to exceed the lighting needs of greenhouse operators for many years to come. As utility and other greenhouse operating expenses continue to increase, greenhouse managers can see lower energy costs and an immediate return on their investment when they build new facilities or they retrofit existing facilities with Linea fixtures.