New products, and coming soon: SpecGrade LED is bringing advances to the LED grow light industry this year and beyond

New products, and coming soon: SpecGrade LED is bringing advances to the LED grow light industry this year and beyond

It’s almost the new year, but SpecGrade LED is bringing some new technology and products to the market now – with more exciting commercial horticultural lighting products planned for launch in 2022.

Most growers are interested in specs, and SpecGrade LED aims to please with our new products, some that are currently in beta testing and exciting redesigns and updates of current best-sellers.

If you are considering an investment in LED grow lights this year – or if you are looking to enhance your current growing operation with some technology upgrades – now is the time to sit down and do some homework on what your organization needs.

The Illumina

Our Illumina brings a propagation lighting solution to growers. With the addition of the Illumina, growers can cover an entire growing cycle from propagation to vegging to flowering with SpecGrade LED lighting. A rotatable propagation grow light with a 150-degree beam, the Illumina puts the light exactly where you need it. With 24 Watts, the Illumina has an efficacy of 2.1μmol/s.

It’s lightweight and offers several different mounting options from the included clip rings to surface mounts and suspended installation.

The Illumina comes standard with SpecGrade LED’s P2 propagation spectrum, a full spectrum high in the blues between 420-460nm. Compatible with 0-10 Volt dimmers of up to 277V, the Illumina provides a flexible propagation lighting solution for cultivators. The Illumina has an industry-standard 5-year LED and driver warranty.

The 640W Verta-6F With Remote Driver for Mounting Flexibility

The newest member of the Verta Series family is now on the market. The 640W Verta-6F with remote driver for mounting flexibility is an economical grow light that offers a high-performance, professional option for craft and commercial cultivators.

The Verta-6F features the first remote driver in SpecGrade LED’s horticultural lighting offerings, providing cultivators with more flexibility in mounting, particularly in vertical growing applications.

Cultivators can now choose where the drivers are mounted within their growing environment.

Featuring an efficacy of 2.5μmol/J with a PPF of 1600 μmol/s, the 640 Watt Verta-6F is an economical solution to LED grow light challenges.

The Verta-6F comes standard with SpecGrade LED’s A1 Entire Life Cycle spectrum, making it a full spectrum LED grow light that can conduct plants through both the vegging and flowering stages. Cultivators will experience remarkable light levels and uniformity with over 2000 LED chips spread across six light bars. The Verta-6F’s light uniformity ensures an even canopy for a consistent yield.

Consistent with the Verta Series, the Verta-6F possesses a robust passive thermal management system that radiates less heat onto the plants than competing products on the market. As with all SpecGrade LED horticulture products the Verta-6F is UL8800 certified and IP66 rated. The Verta-6F is fully modular with quick-connect wiring for a faster installation and driver mounting. Cultivators will appreciate the durability of the design in addition to the 7-year LED and driver warranty.

Verta-6F is now available for commercial orders on our website.

SpecGrade LED Redesigned products – upgrades and new features

Some of SpecGrade LED’s most popular offerings have been updated and improved this year, including our flagship Verta-8F. The Verta Series offers versatile horticulture lighting solutions for both flowering and vegging stages and our new Verta-8F will replace the Verta-8.

Growers who invest in the new Verta-8F will see many improvements, including the addition of a remote driver. This upgrade makes the Verta-8F completely modular for quick and easy field maintenance as well as it being mounting adaptable to any cultivation style. This modular design means growers can swap components if the need arises and it also means that there is less waste generated, as growers don’t have to scrap the whole fixture in the rare event of a failure.

This is a part of SpecGrade LED’s industry-leading commitment to the environment, and keeping waste out of the landfill. All of our products are recyclable and replaceable.

The Verta-8F will be released in 2022.

Our inter-lighting offerings have also been updated, with our Extra-48 replacing our Extra-60. Featuring a new polycarbonate design that’s half the weight of its predecessor, the Extra-48 has a wider optic producing 150-degree photon distribution. The 48 Watt Extra-48 has a PPF of 100 μmol/s and an efficacy of 2.2 μmol/J. The combination of performance and lighter weight yields additional versatility to cultivators.

Cannabis growers have started to embrace inter-canopy lighting, which has been in use in the tomato growing industry for many years. Cucumber and other vegetable growers are also embracing this technology.

Our Extra-48 lights can be positioned in a variety of ways, offering flexibility and greater control to growers. These lights are also IP66 and UL8800 rated for horticulture environments and passively cooled. The Extra-48 is compatible with 0-10 Volt dimmers and daisy-chainable. And, the Extra-48 comes with an industry standard 5-year LED and Driver warranty.

Our updated Linea Series of horticultural lights was recently unveiled at the MJBizCon, introducing a brand-new design with a remote driver and increased passive thermal management – giving cultivators even more flexibility and allowing twice the power in the same space.

Now available in 300 Watts, 600 Watts, and 900 Watts, the Linea is customizable to meet the environmental needs of cultivators while virtually eliminating any shadowing.

Each wattage is available with an efficacy of up to an industry high of 3.9 μmol/J (using SpecGrade LED’s RB1 spectrum). The new Linea is available in multiple spectrums including SpecGrade LED’s A1 Entire Life Cycle and M1 spectrums. The Linea series is IP66 and UL8800 rated for horticulture environments.

Our 900W Linea was designed to give growers what they have been asking for: More power, higher wattages and a fantastic replacement for high-power HPS lamps.

SpecGrade LED

Finally, our new Flora-10F grow light is also now equipped with a new remote driver – setting the standard for the next generation of horticulture lighting for the vegetative stage of growth. The Flora Series was the first dedicated grow lighting solution for the vegging phase of the plant growth cycle. The Flora-10F is fully modular with a remote driver for mounting flexibility.

The new Flora-10F is replacing the Flora-10 in the series and is available in multiple spectrums – assuring a smooth integration into veg rooms. The 330 Watt Flora-10F’s performance matches its predecessor’s efficacy of 2.23 μmol/J. The Flora-10F is IP66 and UL8800 rated for horticulture environments.

The Flora-10F also has a fully modular design, allowing cultivators to install it in a number of ways – for growing vertically, or on tables or benches. It also makes field maintenance easier, with quick-connect couplings linking the individual bars to the driver, which makes it easy to go from a frame-mounted driver to a remote driver.

The new Flora-10F has a 10-year LED warranty and a 7-year driver warranty for industry-leading peace of mind.

The new Flora-10F will be released in 2022 by SpecGrade LED.

Beta testing: UV and Far Red grow light tubes

At SpecGrade LED, we like to stay on the cutting edge of grow light technology, so we are entering the beta testing phase of two new products for our UV and Far Red horticulture light tubes. Select cannabis cultivators are currently testing the new technology in their environments. The official launch date for the UV and Far Red grow lights is not yet determined, but we are actively accepting applications to join the open beta to test this new grow light technology.

The UV and Far Red supplemental light tubes are lightweight with a 150-degree beam that is rotatable for directed lighting. The UV spectrum peaks at 400nm while the Far Red peaks at 730nm. With several options for mounting, the UV and Far Red light tubes are flexible, meeting the demands of any growing environment. Like all of the SpecGrade LED horticulture lighting solutions, the UV and Far Red light tubes are IP66 rated.

SpecGrade LED

Cannabis growers have been early adopters of utilizing these spectrums. The UV and Far Red spectrums only need to be on a few minutes a day, so SpecGrade LED is producing separate light bars so growers can have flexibility, control, function and economy in this soon-to-market option.

Current research indicates that using UV light in cannabis cultivation can improve the production of terpenes and essential oils — compounds prized by cannabis cultivators — during the vegging stage. It has also been shown to reduce pests, inhibit bacteria and fungus growth, and increase yields. UV exposure during propagation has been shown to improve the hardiness of plants and reduce overall production time. Research indicates that Far Red increases photosynthesis efficiency and influences the ultimate size of plants from the leaves to stem length. It has also been shown to promote flowering in some plants, such as cannabis, which can further shorten production time for cultivators.

Both the Far Red and UV light tubes are dimmable and daisy-chainable, allowing cultivators to decide how to apply these spectrums.

Providing flexibility is one of the hallmarks of the SpecGrade LED design approach to horticulture lighting. Initial feedback from cultivators participating in the beta test has been positive.

Beta testing is open to qualified growers. For more information contact us at